bárbara pereira 


[pt] é uma plataforma viva de percepção do espaço. a partir da noção deslocamento cria-se uma série de exercícios de apreensão e tentativa de fixação da paisagem utilizando-se de desenho, texto e objeto. procura estar em contato íntimo com lugares vastos, vazios e “inúteis”, atento a um acontecer que não termina, mas se manifesta em contínua transformação — sempre-enquanto, entre-tudo. nos interessa o risco, sobretudo aquele que rompe a superfície: rasgos, vão, vias, linhas, horizontes.

[en]  Project composed of theoretical text, followed by the re-interpretation of its central thoughts and concepts into physical forms, capable of occupying an exhibition space. It seeks to understand and discuss the function of objects taking as a starting point a few (match, coin, stamp/ticket, clock) that seem more continuous and resilient than others, exploring a state of permanence and conservatism that is able to explain our social constitution in a more precise manner than rupture could, since the latter is always maintained for so little.
The proposition is of creating a metaphor between social subjects and objects through a new object, seeking, by this, to discuss: the extent to which they can be hyper-consumable or ignored by the market; they are satisfactory or unsatisfactory in certain temporal and cultural contexts; they explicitly reveal their forms of production; behave in the public and private spheres. In a summary exercise, a publication is made - containing text and a series of ready-mades that intend, by means of some recontextualization/updating, to make the implicit layers of the four described objects, explicit - that is, to announce the particular feeling with which we identify ourselves without noticing, the auras.


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